Creating Spiraling Dots in Illustrator

When asked by one of my Kean University students how to create a spiral of dots that get smaller from the outside of the spiral inward, my first thought was to start by drawing a spiral and adding a Dotted Stroke. Makes sense, but is it the best way to accomplish this task?

In this tutorial, Adobe Certified Instructor Jeff Witchel will demonstrate a couple of little-know ways to create dots in a spiral that get small and smaller as the spiral winds inward. The steps include quite a few tips, tricks, and secrets.

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4 Responses to “Creating Spiraling Dots in Illustrator”
  1. Wendy F. says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for another fun tutorial…always something new to learn!

  2. Cada vez mais eu me surpreendo com suas dicas valiosas, muito obrigado!!!!

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