Auto-Numbering a 2nd Table of Contents.

You’re working on a magazine Table of Contents which will contain all the stories in the issue. You would also like to highlight various feature stories with a large page number and an images from these important stories. Is there a way to do this automatically, so the page numbers will always be correct, even […]

Use the Power of Popup Glyphs.

Applying alternate glyphs for a specific selected character just got a lot easier using the new popup glyphs feature in InDesign CC 2015. When you hover over a selected character that has alternate glyphs, you can select and apply an alternate right under that character in a popup menu. In this tutorial, Adobe Certified Instructor […]

Setting Up an InDesign Table of Contents Automatically.

If you mention “Tables of Contents” to most InDesign users, they immediate think about books, forgetting that a contents can also be found in magazines, catalogs, manuals, proposals, and lots more. And if you’ve ever tried to set up a Table of Contents manually, you know that this is a time-consuming task with a lot […]

Using InDesign’s New “Paragraph Shading” Feature.

For years, InDesign users have be asking for a way to highlight a selected paragraph with a color background. In CC 2015, their wish has been answered with this new Paragraph formatting feature named Paragraph Shading. And as type formatting, “Shading” can be saved as part of a Paragraph Styles to be applied quickly and […]

Using the Power of InDesign’s Book Feature.

A lot of InDesign users are not using the Book feature simply because they are not working on books. This is no excuse for not taking advantage of the power of this great feature. In this tutorial, Adobe Certified Instructor Jeff Witchel discusses the basics of the Book feature, everything from setting up a new […]