“Your outstanding contribution will have a significant
impact on the overall success of our mission.”

H.S.I., Commanding Officer, 9th Military Information Support Battalion, Ft. Bragg

“Jeff is a wizard!”

A.G., AOK Creative Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia

“Five minutes talking with Jeff saved me nearly
two days of work on a project.”

J.C., Freelance Designer

“Jeff is insanely brilliant!”

M.S., Computer Graphics Teacher, Valhalla High School, El Cajon, California

“I’ve never studied with anyone who even
came close to Jeff’s calibre.”

E.S., Creative Group Head, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, New York, NY

“…no instructor has provided the depth of training
and expertise that Jeff has delivered.”

T.B., Freelance Creative Director, NJ

“Jeff is a very skilled and knowledgeable instructor…
I thoroughly enjoyed his class.”

L.L.M., 25M Multimedia Illustrator, Ft. Bragg

“Jeff has become a valuable resource for us.”

A.G., Graphics Manager, New Jersey School Boards Association

“Just want to thank you for a great 3-day training course.
I’ve learned so much.”

E.T., Stokes Pharmacy

“You are truly a guru. Thank you, thank you!”

L.T., Co-Owner, Siostra

“Having used Illustrator for 20 years, teaching it for 7, can’t believe I have never stumbled across [Jeff’s latest] tip before! (presently banging head on my desk) Thanks very much Jeff!”

M.G., Graphic Artist at Missouri Department of Natural Resources

“Jeff is such a star, a real Adobe Ace”

A.F., Farr Out Publications

“I’m sure you’ve been told, however, I must say, you really are the very best instructor.”

S.C., Freelance Artist

“Your teaching style is absolutely outstanding. It’s like having a friend come over your house and teach you InDesign.”

J.M., Instructor at Langara College

“Thank you for making it so easy to understand software.”

J.L., Freelance Artist

“I thought I could learn from just about anybody, but only your way of training stuck with me. Keep up the good work. You just effectively helped change my life for the better. “

J.S., Designer

“Just a note to tell you how much I love your writing and instruction. I enjoy your friendly style and wry humor. I’m an author for Cengage Learning and teach graphic design at the college level. I demonstrate many of your Tips of the Day to my students. Your efforts are good for the entire graphics community!”

T.R., Cengage Learning

“I must honestly say that [this class] was the most enjoyable program training I have ever been in. Most take you page by page through a text book and provide you with useless applications. Your class was educational, entertaining and easy to follow.

D.P., Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.

“Jeff is the real deal. I went from being worse than a beginner to being a creator in two days. Thank you so much!”

A.S., Eisner Amper

“This is the most effective training I have received from an Adobe supplier.”

J.J.K., Golf Convergence

“You have given me a great start and I couldn’t have done it without you. When I first opened InDesign I was very intimidated, but working with you has boosted my confidence.”

V.N., Federal Business Centers

“We really enjoyed the training and learned quite a bit in a short time… and from an amazing expert!”

J.W., The Conti Group

“The training was fantastic. After we finished, I went back to my desktop computer and did exactly what I needed to do using the tools I learned about in your training. Thank you for the learning!”

M.M., Acme Plastics

“The class was great today! You are an amazing teacher!”

A.S., A Malik Design

“Jeff Witchel is fantastic. I’ve been searching for a class like this for a long time, and it is such a relief to finally find one. He answered all the questions that have been puzzling me for quite a while, and he answered a lot of questions I didn’t even know I had. The training was extremely comprehensive and informative, and Jeff is extremely nice and engaging. I can’t thank you enough – I know this class will be immeasurably helpful to my professional and personal use of the software!

A.F., Marketing Designer

“Before taking the class I felt very uncomfortable with InDesign but by the end of the training, I feel like I can effectively navigate the program and execute the exercises we went over during training. There is so much value in this course and I would definitely take another.”

D.P., Graphic Designer

“Jeff, your videos always make me smile like a kid watching a magic trick unfold. Been following your blog/website for years. Thanks again for always bringing the magic back to all of the software you teach!”

J.M., Vimeo follower

“The training was great. I really learned a lot!”

J.G.,NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development

“His tuts are top notch stuff and he’s also a really nice guy. I could have really done with the link to [his] Mixed Inks [tutorial] last week, I spent about an hour explaining this to someone over the internet. Well I have it bookmarked now for easier reference.”

David Blatner, InDesign Secrets, InDesign Magazin

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge about InDesign and Illustrator with our Marketing office. Even though we’ve been using InDesign for years, we all learned lots of new tips & tricks that are sure to improve our efficiency in future projects.

L.J.,NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development